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Quality Supplies

Quality SuppliesFor dependable quality, consistent value, maximum performance and accuracy – healthcare professionals trust Burdick for their supply needs. We provide a complete line of supplies and specialty items for Cardiac Stress, ECG, and Spirometry. For reduced retakes, value you can count on, and a quality guarantee, we offer quality supplies from Burdick.

ECG Supplies

Burdick provides a complete line of high quality ECG thermal papers, mounts, gels, sensors and sensor clips. ECG supplies are manufactured to ensure maximum performance and accuracy.

Assurance 50Assurance 50® ECG Paper

Burdick Assurance 50 ECG Paper is a patented breakthrough in thermal imaging technology which produces clear, precise, permanent tracings guaranteed not to fade for fifty years.
  • Fifty years of archival performance – 10 times longer than most standard ECG papers
  • Easy to read ECG tracings on acid-free paper
  • Indelible burimages unaffected by repeated handling or exposure to alcohol-based burproducts or other organic solvents
  • Eliminates the need for time consuming photocopying of ECG records
  • Other premium recording papers are also available

CardioSens® Resting ECG Electrodes

The Burdick CardioSens family of disposable resting ECG electrodes offers high-quality conductive and adhesive performance. Burdick Burdick CardioSens electrodes provide excellent trace quality and eliminate time consuming prep and cleanup inherent with bulbs.

CardioSens Ultra IICardioSens®/Ultra II

CardioSens/Ultra II is a very strong adhesion product, which has been designed for the tough demands of everyday, resting ECG procedures. Designed for the average skin patient, sweaty patient, the hairy chest, calloused skin and everything in between, CardioSens/Ultra II is prepared to deliver exceptionally high adhesion. But more importantly, fast, clean, easy to read, high diagnostic quality resting ECGs.

  • Strong adhesive membrane for difficult situations
  • Can capture ECG signals quickly for fast and accurate results
  • Unique high conductive backing and synthetic gel for more first time ECGs – drastically reducing the need for retakes
  • A new tab shape – designed to twist with the cable – not lift the electrode
  • Longer shelf life – up to 2 years from date of manufacture
  • Quality and performance guarantee


CardioSens/K is the resting ECG electrode with a gentle touch. Its mild, hypoallergenic adhesive is ideal for frail skin or allergy-prone patients. Its natural Karaya-based adhesive is free of natural latex rubber and designed to be a non-irritant to skin. CardioSens/K is the healthcare provider's choice for exceptionally high conductivity with gentle adhesive performance.


CardioSens Advantage: Narrow design, special formulation adhesive and unique, high conductivity tin backing combine to deliver the performance “advantage” over traditional silver-tab electrodes.

Heartline Monitoring ElectrodesHeartLine® Monitoring Electrodes

Optimum performance for accurate diagnostic results ... plus cost-effective value. HeartLine Electrodes are designed to deliver high-quality, easy-to-read tracings and long-lasting adhesion for consistent, dependable performance. Choose from five versatile electrodes, each offering a variety of performance possibilities.

  • Strong adhesive foam-backed electrode
  • Highly conductive wet gel for short term monitoring Applications: Cardiac Stress Testing, Holter Monitoring and SAECG

Comfort Tape
  • Strong adhesive breathable tape electrode
  • Highly conductive wet gel for short term monitoring Applications: Holter Monitoring, SAECG and Cardiac Stress Testing

Radiolucent Universal Electrode
  • Very aggressive flexible foam-backed electrode
  • Specially formulated, long-lasting conductive adhesive for short and long term monitoring
  • Applications: Thalium Stress, Cardiac Stress Testing, MRI, X-Ray, Nuclear Medicine, Holter Monitoring, ICU/CCU, SAECG, Long Term Monitoring, Anesthesia

Soft Cloth Pediatric
  • Gentle, yet firm adhesive, cloth-backed electrode
  • Long-lasting, low chloride solid gel for long term monitoring Applications: ICU/CCU, ECG and Long Term Monitoring

Blue Max®  Electrodes Providing tracing excellence.
  • Highly conductive wet gel for clean tracings and minimal baseline wander
  • Unique offset snap connection reduces motion artifact during stress testing
  • Specially formulated adhesive stays attached
  • For monitoring and resting ECGs
  • SUPAtab resting ECG electrodes provide superior wet gel performance

Other Accessories

In addition to these products, Burdick offers a full range of superior quality, cost-effective supplies including BaseLine stress and Holter prep kits, ultrasound and ECG gels, water-based adhesive mounts, spirometry paper, PFT filters and mouthpieces and Universal ECG Adapter Clips.