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Fax: 954-423-1777

7630 NW 5th St
Pembroke Pines, FL   33024
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    Advanced BioSystems, Inc. (ABS) services most major brands of medical equipment.   We strive to offer high quality, dependable, and efficient service to all of our customers.

    Before you send us your equipment for repair, you must download a Service Authorization Form or contact us by phone or email (you will recieve a one via email or fax). We will not assess any unit, or begin repairs without a completed copy on file. (This ensures that your equipment gets back to you.)

    Scheduling your equipment for preventative maintenance and upgrades will enable you to avoid preventable downtime and minimize lost revenue.

    Please call or use our Contact Page to email us for information about getting your equipment serviced.

NOTE:   We have some equipment that is available for rent on a monthly basis, or while your equipment is serviced. If you have a service contract with us, we will do our best to provide you with loaner equipment.

Pricing Levels

Silver Service
    Regular Repair -- Most of our customers select a "Regular" repair time schedule.   (Time is calculated from the date we receive the item.)
  • For smaller units (dopplers, recorders, etc), we usually need at least one week to complete a regular repair.Medium sized units (EKGs, PCs, and holter systems) generally take 2 weeks.
  • Larger and more complex units (Cardiac Rehab, Stress Systems, Treadmills, EEGs, Ultrasounds, etc.) can take 3 - 4 weeks depending on the problems we encounter. If needed, you will receive an estimate in approxiamately 48 hours.
    (Loaner equipment is available)
Gold Service
    Rush Repair -- We appreciate the customerís need to have repairs done quickly. Rush repairs receive immediate attention. There is an additional 50% labor charge over our Silver Rate for rush repair.
  • For dopplers, holter recorders, and PC boards two day turn around time is typical.
  • PC drives, holter systems, Ultrasounds, and EKGs are typically third day.
  • Stress systems (including treadmills) usually take one week.
Platinum Service "24-hour Response"
    Emergency Repair -- For customers requiring immediate service, we also offer guaranteed next day and same day service. We will assess the unit and begin repairs immediately. There is an additional 100% labor charge over our Silver Rate for Emergency Repair.

Field Service
    Should you prefer, we can send a field service technician to your site to do the repair or assist you as requested.
    Please contact us to schedule field service. (Regular, Rush, and Emergency Rates apply to Field Service Responses.)

Replacement Parts
    We stock many replacement parts for holter recorders, EKGs, dopplers, stress systems, Ultrasounds, and EEGs. If you contact us before noon, we can typically UPS spare parts same day.

    Contact us for price, availability, and delivery.

    We try to keep a current inventory of common components, but occasionally run out of stock. If we have to backorder parts or components to repair your unit we will contacte you immediately.

NOTE: If it will take more than 10 business days to get the part in, and if loaner equipment is available, we will send the loaner equipment until we can get the unit(s) back to you.
Service Rates

  • Regular Labor - $120.00 / hr
  • Regular Travel - $96.00 / hr
  • Gold
  • Rush Labor - $180.00 / hr
  • Rush Travel - $96.00 / hr
  • Platinum
  • Emergency Labor - $240.00 / hr
  • Emergency Travel - $96.00 / hr
  • Labor Rates will only be discounted (20%)
    for customers that have purchased,
    or are purchasing, supplies from ABS.
    Discounted Rates are:
    Silver: $96, Gold: $144, Platinum: $192.
    Rates do not reflect Weekend and/or Holiday Rates

        In most cases we must see your equipment to provide an accurate estimate of the time and materials needed to repair it.
        Some estimates are billed hourly, others are billled as a flat Diagnostic Fee based on the type of equipment being diagnosed.
        The Diagnostic Fee covers the first hour of repair. Additional hours are billed at the applicable rates. If the unit is unrepairable and a new unit is purchased from us, the Diagnostic Fee will be waived.

    Service Authorization Forms
        We realize this form is time-consuming to fill out, but this information allows for timely and accurate repairs.
    Please keep a copy for your files and send this completed form with the equipment to the address listed on the form.
        ABS Service Authorization Form
    (PDF - 165Kb)

    NOTE: "Contact Information" on the form should be YOUR information, we know who we are.

    See the
    Ordering Information Page.
    To Place An Order Call Toll Free
    Intn'l Call   954-987-5171

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