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Bone Densitometry
Imaging Bone Ultrasonometer

Starting At $24,900.00

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Achilles InSight
Seeing is Believing

Protect your patients' health.

Technology brings bone density testing into the realm of the everyday office practice. Numerous clinical studies show that ultrasonometry of the heel using Achilles is an economical, reliable alternative to DEXA for fracture risk assessment.

Achilles InSight lets you offer osteoporosis testing to your patients as part of regular health assessment. Testing is simple and fast. You get immediate results that help you counsel patients and make sound treatment decisions. And you can monitor treatment compliance.

Add profits to your practice.

Achilles InSight is so affordable that you can profit from as few as three patients per week. And patients who are satisfied with the quality of your care are certain to bring you more referrals.

Use it in your office.
Or take it to your patients.

Achilles InSight fits in less than two square feet of office space. It's also easy to take on the road - to satellite offices, nursing homes or outreach programs. The complete system weighs just 22 pounds, and the ergonomic design makes it easy to carry. just slip it into the front seat or trunk of your car and you're ready to travel.

*Based on national Average Medicare reimbursement and a GEHFS Fair market value lease.

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