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Cardio Call
Dual Function Event

CardioCall ECG event recorders are very small, unobtrusive and light - weighing only 88g (3.loz). The 20 minute ECG memory and extended battery life are used to make operation as simple as possible for the patient.

Dual Function - Two Recorders In One!

Looper Recorder and Direct Contact Event Monitor

Easy for the Patient

CardioCall is so easy for the patient to use that you can virtually guarantee good recordings
from day one. The single AA battery will last for:

-over five weeks as a looper
- over six months as an event monitor

The long battery life ensures that
the patient never has to change
the battery themselves, so there
is no need send out several
batteries with each patient

Flexible Recordings

Simply plugging in the patient cable changes the CardioCall from event recorder mode into looper mode. The length of recording can be reconfigured to give

-Short loops of one or two minute duration that are ideal for capturing transient arrhythmias such as non-sustained VTs or SVTs
- Longer loops of 5 to 10 minutes that can be used for patients with unexplained syncope

The extra long battery life ensures that the CardioCall is always ready to capture that all important event


Easy Trans-Telephonic ECG

The CardioCall transmits all previously un-transmitted events with just one push of the yellow "Send" button. If there is a problem with the first attempt at transmission the operator can ask the patient to re-transmit the ECG until successful. Once all the events have been transmitted the first new recording made will begin to overwrite the old events. Simple and effective.


CardioCall sends recorder 1.0. and time stamp with each ECG event

One Button To Record- One Button To Send

Minimised need for the
patient to relay information

CardioCall is compatible
with all trans-telephonic

receiving stations

Discrete Recorders

CardioCall recorders are so compact they can be easily hidden in the palm of your hand. They measure only 55 mm (2.2") across and weigh less than 90g (3.1oz), including the battery. When worn on a waist belt, CardioCall could easily be mistaken for a pager, making the patient feel less self conscious about wearing the device for extended periods of time. CardioCall can also be set to record ECG silently for a more discrete recording in direct contact mode.

Is this man checking his pager
or recording an arrhythmia?


Single Channel
20 Minutes

More Memory

CardioCall recorders can record 20 minutes of single channel ECG or 10 minutes of dual channel ECG into memory. CardioCall can still record even if there are several un-transmitted events in the memory, enabling the patient to make additional recordings if symptoms recur before they can get to a phone. The increased memory also means that the direct download capability via Reynolds CardioConnect software can be utilised as a backup to the ECG received by telephone.

Dual Channel
10 Minutes

CardioCall 20 /VS2O Technical Specifications

Size (WxHxD)
Dynamic Ronge
DC offset rejection
Transmission Centre Frequency
Frequency Deviation
Atmospheric Pressure

1 or 2
88 grammes (3.loz)
5 mv
-l0 deg C to 40 deg C
10% to 95% non condensing
700 hPa to 1,060 hPa
One 1.5 v alkaline battery (AA)

Battery Life

Looper five weeks
Event Recorder six months

Transmitting Modes

FM trans-telephonic
PC Download via CardioConnect
ECG writer / monitor with cable

Frequency Response

0.05Hz - 40Hz (Looper) & 0.5 Hz
40Hz (Direct Contact)


800 samples per second per channel, with
digital linear phase ant-alias filters

Mode Rejection

100dB common mode rejection above 48Hz
(total rejection of 2 Vpp signals)
40 dB differential noise rejection above 48Hz
(total rejection of 2 mVpp signals)

CardioCall VS20

The CardioCall VS20 is a configurable version of the CardioCall 20 model. The length of time used with each event can be re-configured using a programming key, which has its own credit card sized user's guide. The seftings are: -

Direct Contact Mode

Length of recording

Number of Channels

30 Sec Single
60 Sec Single
30 Sec Dual
60 Sec Dual

Looping Mode

Length of recording:

Number of events:





1 min 1 min 10 5
45 sec 15 sec 20 10
2 min 30 sec 8 4
4 min 30 sec 4 2
9 min 1 min 2 1
0 sec 60 sec 20 10

Programming is easy - no need for a PC. Local Medical Staff
can configure the recorder to suit the individual patient.

Having the ability to capture ECG up to nine minutes before the record button is depressed increases the probability of recording vital ECG from patients experiencing episodes of syncope. The CardioCall VS20 can also be configured to allow single or multiple recordings to be made.


Part# Description List Price
RM-CCVS20 CardioCall VS20 System
1 - 2 Electrode ECG Patient Cable
1 - Programming Card & Key
1 - User Manual
RM-23-0051 3 - Electrode ECG Patient Cable $90.00

Prices subject to change without notice. Please call for accurate pricing.