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You can get a FREE laptop
when you purchase or lease a Complete Premier 10 Holter System!
Contact us by phone or email to order today.

      We have all types of Holter equipment for sale, however the Premier line is (in our opinion) the best on the market.   It has more features than most other systems and costs much less.

      Premier systems are software-driven; most customers upgrading from paper-based systems have been able to make their payments from the money they've saved not purchasing paper.

      Here we have only compared Versions VI, VIII, and X, but currently we offer several other different versions of Holter Systems as well (Premier Versions IV-X).

      If you aren't sure what you need, we will assess your practice and your budget and recommend the version that best meets your needs.

      Scroll down for an online comparison of versions 6, 8, and 10.
(Usage screen shots were taken from Premier 10, but are similar for lower versions of the software.)
  Premier Holter ECG Comparison Chart P6 P8 P10
  Windows & Networking X X  X
  24-Hour Holter Acquisition in 1-Minute X X  X
  Complete 24-Hour Analysis in Less than 20 sec. X X  X
  Frequency Response of 0.05 to 500 Hz X X  X
  Holter Sample Rate of 512/Second/Channel X X  X
  True Pacemaker Spike Recordings X X  X
  Switch for Selecting 5 or 7 Electrode Recording X X  X
  Patient Flash Card "Security Match" X X  X
  Full Disclosure, Page Scan, & Mega Scan X X  X
  Arrhythmia Templates: VE, SVE, Aberrant X X  X
  Auto Event Button Program X X  X
  Delta & Absolute ST Analysis X X  X
  QT Analysis X X  X
  Pacemaker Analysis     X
  3 & 12 Lead Printouts X X  X
  Windows Print-Preview and Zoom X X  X
  Auto Screen-Display Printouts X X  X
  Database: 100% Files, Holter Reports, Batch Print X X  X
  Bigeminy & Trigeminy Editor for VE and SVE     X
  Bradycardia & Multiple Block Analysis     X
  R on T Analysis     X
  Color Coding of all Displayed Arrhythmias     X
  ST Validation     X
  Fast-Track Template Edit & ECG Strip Edit     X
  Research Search By Diagnosis     X
  ASCII Outputs for All Analyzed Data     X
  Electronic ECG Ruler     X
  QT and QTc Validation Program     X
  Atrial Fibrillation Program     X
  Auto SVE Removal in Atrial Fibrillation Minutes     X
  HRV Analysis in Spectral & Time Domain   X  X
  3D Power Graphs with Lorenz & Poincare Plots     X
  Medication Management in HRV Program     X
  Parasympathetic vs Sympathetic in Spectral HRV     X
  SAECG Late Potentials in Time Domain & Spectral   X  X
  SAECG Sample Rate @ 1,024/Second/Minute   X  X
  Vectorcardiography (VCG) Program   X X
  XYZ Recordings     X
  4-Day Holter Recordings*     X
  RO - Reports Only
  P6 P8 p10