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Breathalyzer® 7410

  • Low maintenance, easy to use, and evidential
  • Single button operation and true air
    blank test 
  • New and advanced Draeger fuel cell
  • PC and optical printer interface

The Breathalyzer 7410 is available in a convenient, portable case which can contain everything you need to perform and document the breath test: the Breathalyzer 74 10 with an Alkaline or NiCd power supply and the Breathalyzer printer with 110V power supply, disposable mouthpieces, manual, an extra roll of printer paper and an extra printer ribbon.

Draeger is the world's largest manufacturer of alcohol specific fuel cells utilized in most hand-held PBT's and EBT's. By combining the latest in fuel cell technology with Draeger's advanced sampling system the Breathalyzer 74 10 provides the user with these advantages:
*extended sensor lifetime * better long term calibration stability * faster response time to ethanol * reduced warm up time *

This fuel cell and sampling system, surrounded by state of the art SMD (Surface Mounted Devices) technology, makes the Breathalyzer 7410 ideal for breath alcohol testing in the field. It is temperature controlled which allows the 7410 to operate accurately even in extreme temperatures, and makes
the 7410 easy to calibrate.


The Breathalyzer 7410 is a handheld breath alcohol measuring instrument which utilizes the new generation fuel cell sensor of high accuracy, specificity and stability. Designed for industry, law enforcement, transportation agencies and educational facilities, the Breathalyzer 7410 complies with the DOT requirements for workplace alcohol testing, as well as evidential breath testing. The microprocessor controlled sampling system guarantees a precise and tamperproof measurement of the breath sample, and is especially suited for quick subsequent measurements.

The Breathalyzer printer stores up to 512 test records, which can be accessed through a PC for retrieval and documentation. There is also the option to download test records directly from the 7410 to a PC.

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