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Currently, we have one Marquette treadmill picture (as an example).
We have other units available for sale. Call for current models/pricing.
We usually have several Marquette units and a Quinton or two in stock at all times.

If you have a treadmill and need it PM'd, repaired, rebuilt, or retrofitted to use a nuclear camera, contact our Service Department.

When we rebuild your treadmill you will get a new walking belt (and a walking deck, if needed), all new drive & clutch belts, new bearings, and we will recalibrate your treadmill to be sure the speed is accurate.

Marquette Series 2000

The advances incorporated into the Series 2000 treadmill place it at the forefront of patient safety, dependability and overall performance. The third generation of Marquette treadmills, it is the product of continual technological development and attention to detail.

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Pre-Owned Treadmills

We have several brands of refurbished Medical Treadmills.

We will NOT cannibalize a working unit for parts, but will sell units or parts that we currently have in stock.

If you have a working medical treadmill in good condition and would like to trade it in for a different model (in most cases) we will credit you a trade-in value towards the purchase of a new system.

If you have a treadmill similar to the one pictured at left (working or not), contact us. We have had several requests for parts for Parker Treadmills and may be able to put you in touch with a buyer.

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