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The DASH 3000 Pro
Patient Monitor delivers
unbeatable transport

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Only the DASH 3000 Pro blends proven durability, advanced handling
conveniences and seamless network connectivity to offer you th most
trouble-free transport solution available.

What's new:
Remain continuously connected
- Built-in wireless LAN provides seamless network connectivity
- Exclusive two-way communication allows clinicians to receive alarms and check-in on other patients during transport

Quickly transition to and from transport
- DASH PORT docking stations provide one-step connection to the Unity Network and AC power
- Eliminates need to connect and disconnect leads
- Provides a secure mount

Supports the longitudinal record
- Patient Data Transfer (PDT) ensures seamless patient record as patient moves through hospital
- Accommodates over 1,000 beds; doesn't require central station support
- Connectivity to high-acuity SOLAR and TRAM monitors creates a convenient single-source, hospital wide monitoring solution

-Admit Discharge Transfer makes admitting a patient quick and easy; reduced manual data entry

Most accurate NIBP
-Only full-featured monitor with DINAMAP technology built-in
-System consistently produces the most accurate, reliable NIBP determinations available in a bedside monitor
-Stepped deflation with patented peak matching technology helps ride through artifact
-Ideally suited for NICU, PICU and adult hypertensive patients

Convenient self-contained transport solution
-Durable design creates a dependable solution for demanding transport applications, including air transport
-Compact system integrates a printer, transformer and power supply, providing exceptional capability in a highly maneuverable package
-Two interchangeable user-accessible batteries allow quick change-out without loss of function

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